Dissolution of the Jeffrey Lee Williams Foundation 501(c)(3)

Our sincere thanks for all the support of the Jeffrey Lee Williams Foundation

December 27, 2021 – Since 2014, The Jeffrey Lee Williams Foundation has been a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization with a singular mission: to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. No one should get sick or die from carbon monoxide poisoning. So long as there are carbon monoxide detectors and places to put them, tragedies like the one experienced by the Williams family can be avoided. Since the creation of the Jeffrey Lee Williams Foundation, with generous support from South Carolina Community Risk Reduction, Office of State Fire Marshal, over 70 departments and agencies in North & South Carolina, business partners, and so many wonderful members of the community, we have helped countless tragedies such as this, be avoided. Our efforts have focused on educating others of the dangers presented by carbon monoxide, support of other similarly missioned organizations, and fund raising for the purchasing and deployment of carbon monoxide measurement devices to homes and first responders. Since 2014, the JLWF has been able to donate the following devices:

Our mission has only been accomplished by the support of so many dedicated agencies, businesses, and individuals. The Williams family, along with the JLWF Board of Directors, send our deepest and most sincere appreciation to everyone who has helped to make the accomplishments of our foundation a reality. We have been able to make a real and measurable difference to individuals, families, agencies, and communities.

After much prayer, discussion, and consideration, we have concluded that now is the proper time to continue our mission by lending our support towards other organizations that are doing great work educating others on the dangers of carbon monoxide. With that, upon the release of this statement, we the Board of Directors of JLWF are moving to dissolve the Jeffrey Lee Williams Foundation in accordance with the State of South Carolina Secretary of State Articles of Dissolution for a nonprofit organization. In no way does this dissolution change our desire to make a difference in carbon monoxide awareness, however, we feel it is time for this step in this story.

The life of Jeffrey was tragically cut short, but out of that tragedy has come a bright light of awareness and hope. Countless precious lives have been positively impacted and saved.

We thank you all. Be CO safe.

- JLWF Family and Board

Jeannie Williams
[email protected]