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Their story could be anyone’s story.

Jeffrey & Jeannie

Jeannie & Jeffrey Lee Williams

Eleven year-old Jeffrey Lee Williams loved his family and friends, loved technology, and loved helping people. In June of 2013, Jeffrey and his mother Jeannie were on an overnight visit out of town. It wasn’t a long drive from home, but Jeffrey loved staying at hotels – especially hotels with pools. They found a place, but it was late when they arrived. They settled in and started getting ready for bed.

In less than an hour, they were both overcome by silent, odorless, deadly carbon monoxide fumes. Jeannie was discovered the next morning, barely alive, after having been unconscious on the bathroom floor for more than fourteen hours. Jeffrey did not survive.

The room did not have a functioning carbon monoxide detector – a simple device, available for around $20 at any hardware or home improvement store.

The Jeffrey Lee Williams Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization with a singular mission: to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s that simple. No one should get sick from carbon monoxide poisoning. No one should die from carbon monoxide poisoning. As long as there are carbon monoxide detectors and places to put them, tragedies like the one experienced by the Williams family can be avoided.

“Losing Jeffrey was not just a loss for our family. A bright, beautiful light that should have been shining in this world for years and years to come, went out that night in the hotel room. Our family’s pain is deep, and our grief will be with us and our community forever. But Jeffrey was always after information. He loved nothing more than to learn something and share it with others. This foundation and our efforts to educate the public about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning are exactly what Jeffrey would have wanted. His death didn’t have to happen, but if we can save just one life with our message, then something positive will have come out of this tragedy.” – Jeannie Williams

Give – To Save Lives

Our mission is ambitious, we know.

We want to help prevent exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning – in every indoor space for every person. No one should experience the kind of tragedy that the Williams family did or that so many other people, whose stories we will never know, have also suffered. This must stop.

Think about how vulnerable you and your loved ones (even pets!) are to this silent, odorless, colorless gas. A properly installed, functioning carbon monoxide detector could be the saving grace for us all.

We’re in the early stages of establishing our foundation and creating a searchable registry of hotels and other public spaces that are in compliance with carbon monoxide detection safety guidelines. Please fill out the contact us form below and let us know if you’d like to be added to our mailing list, or if you’d like to help in some way. Thank you!

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It’s going to take a generous amount of money and plenty of helping hands to get our message across.
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In order to raise awareness about the issue of CO poisoning, and to push for changes that will help keep everyone’s loved ones safe, we’ll need all kinds of help. You can make a financial contribution on our GIVE page, and/or you can sign up to support our cause through your generous gifts of time and energy.

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The Jeffrey Lee Williams Foundation is not alone in its mission to educate the public
about the dangers of CO poisoning.

We thank the government agencies and other citizen-funded groups for the work they do.

November is South Carolina
CO awareness month

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Charlotte Jessup HelmsAn unforgettable young man. His name comes up often in our home.6 months ago

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Exciting news! The Junior Welfare League (JWL) of Rock Hill awarded Jeffrey's foundation the 2016-2017 Large Funds Grant at their Spring Dinner last night. The grant will be used for our York County Carbon Monoxide Safety Project. The JWL annual service project is the Gobble Wobble 5K Run/Walk and 8K Run. Last year they raised $57,000. Save the date... November 19, 2016 and join us for a super fun event!
Thank you to all the wonderful ladies and we look forward to working with you!
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Cindy Taubenkimel HuntHow wonderful!1   ·  1 week ago

Amanda Purser WintersSo excited this foundation won! Can't wait to work together in the upcoming year!!!1   ·  1 week ago

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Sheryl Barker BroomeSave the date. .. Marcy Barker!2   ·  1 week ago

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October 2015, Firehouse Subs restaurants across the country dedicated their public safety campaign to carbon monoxide education. The donations received went to purchase CO alarms.
Thanks to Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, we were able to donate 246 CO alarms to the Lancaster Fire Department. Special thanks to Lancaster firefighters and USC College of Nursing faculty and students for their public service. More families in Lancaster are protected from #carbonmonoxide. #beCOsafe

Update: 51 CO alarms were installed Saturday morning (5/14/16) during the blitz.
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Cindy Taubenkimel HuntGreat work!1   ·  2 weeks ago

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